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Just two for now. There may be more.

1. 2.

1. "Cause I've been here before and I deserve a little more."
2. "I only want the same as anyone."

Images from and

ETA: This is just a brief outline of what I did on these icons: when I’ve got more time I’ll do an icon from scratch and do a tutorial along with. I use PS Elements 2.0, so I hope most of this is transferable.

1. Coming shortly.

1. Create new layer - fill with light grey-beige (#CBC7B2) Crop, resize image and paste on top. Duplicate layer, set to screen, 50%. Go to filter: distort: diffuse glow- graininess= 6, glow amount=6(ish), clear amount=16. ).

Lock the top two layers together - rotate, resize and reposition by hand. Create new layer between the top two layers, fill with a slightly darker, less grey beige, (#B9B186.)

Create new layer, add border - this one - set to blend mode multiply (100% opacity.) Several brushes added next to make it look grainy and aged. Beneath the border : three brushes set to multiply at 50% and 70% opacity, all in shades of beige.

Add the text (Arial, 4.75pt for most, ‘I deserve,’ 6pt, extra spaces.) All in #BCAD7E, layers set to multiply (100% opacity.)

Then two more brushes, in beige, set to linear dodge, 30% and the top in a light grey, set to colour burn, 100%.


2. Crop, resize to 100x100. Duplicate layer - set top on to screen blend mode, 50% opacity. (This brightens up the icon - most screen caps tend to be dark, for some reason.) Sharpen the top layer - not too much, just enough to make the image crisp. Merge all layers.

Duplicate the merged layer, set to linear dodge overlay, opacity 30%. Lower the saturation on the bottom layer (about -50? I don’t remember.) Create new layer, add a gradient - (this one.) Set to colour blend mode, opacity 100%.

Beneath this layer, add and position text (Times New Roman, 6pt, black, all caps, space between the letters in ‘anyone.’) Each line got its own layer. Add and position a line shape (black, 1px width.)

Create new layer, (still beneath the gradient layer) add a brush (this one) set to color burn, opacity 70%, pale blue-grey colour (taken from icon.) Create new layer, add one pixel border, in black, around the edge with the pencil tool. Voila!

I haven't included details of all the brushes, because I have too many, and I don't remember which ones I used on the first icon. Too many, probably. ;)

Sorry these are confusing - this is just a v. rough guide!

Something I usually use, but haven't on these is an exclusion layer. I <3 exclusion layers. Usually a nice dark blue, just to give all the colours an edge. A paler teal will make skin tones nice and peachy. Use a dark colour on an exclusion layer - lighter ones with tend to invert the image.
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